G. Love & Special Sauce Concert

sponsorbannerwebsiteThe enigmatically smooth Garrett “G. Love” Dutton is one of Philadelphia’s funkiest performers of laid back, alternative hip-hop blues (a genre he helped define). As an insatiable musical omnivore, G. Love somehow manages to synthesize his iconic influences by shedding their layers to find that harmonic convergence where song and listener bare their souls to each other speaking nothing but the raw-boned truth. G. Love mines the sonic ore of his heroes only to emerge with a fresh lode of precious stones.

He explains his sounds as, “a nod back and a step forward. I return to the roots of blues and folk to make my music. Its what first moved me. I fell in love with it and learned music as a teenager, which is such a developmentally pivotal point in ones life. That point when you decide you wanna play guitar, right? I was 16 when I discovered folk music, the blues, and Bob Dylan and that was simply the backbone for everything that followed for me musically. I mean, this is my second decade as a recording and touring musician and at heart I’ve always been a roots musician. I want to carry on the tradition not in a nostalgic way, but by keeping it fresh, real and unexpected”.

G. Love’s new album Sugar is available April 22…and you can be one of the first to hear the new album live on April 26.

After you’ve crossed the finish line, head back to your hotel room (or home), shower, and then hobble back to Elmwood Park amphitheater for the final celebration – music, food, beer, and more.Play Roanoke Small

  • Limited number of $12 tickets reserved just for runners. You may purchase up to two at this rate.
  • Regular admission tickets ($20) available at www.jeffcenter.org. On sale March 4th (10am).
  • General admission/seating.
  • Rain or shine event. No refunds.
  • Gates open at 5pm.
  • G. Love & Special Sauce start at 6pm.

To Purchase Runner-Only Tickets (availability limited to 800 and for registered runners only):

  1. You must be registered for either the full marathon, half marathon, or Star 10K to purchase the discounted ticket.  You will have the option to purchase up to two tickets during the online registration process.
  2. Deadline to pre-purchase your tickets is April 10.
  3. Click here to get started with your registration.
  4. The number of tickets you purchase will be noted on your runner bib. You must show your runner bib to gain access to concert.
  5. If you’ve already registered to run and want to purchase tickets check for an email that was sent 2/20 – it may be in your spam folder. If you can’t find it email pete@roanoke.org.
  6. Additional tickets will be available for purchase (if the concert hasn’t sold out) at runner registration/packet pickup and at the concert itself.

To Purchase General Admission Tickets (available to anyone):

  1. $20 general admission tickets may be purchased at www.jeffcenter.org. Tickets go on sale March 4 (10am)