King/Queen of the Mountain Challenge

kingqueen2It’s quite simple, the first male and first female runner to reach the top of Roanoke Mountain will be crowned 2013 King and Queen of the Mountain.

Here’s what it takes to become King (and Queen) of the Mountain:


  • Top of Roanoke Mountain is around mile 7.5 (highest point along the course)
  • The first male and first female to pass the water station win. You don’t have to do anything, just keep on running knowing that you are the King or Queen. A volunteer will have made note of your bib number. Although we would love it if you stop and pose for a photo.
  • In addition to bragging rights, winners will receive a Fleet Feet Prize Pack, a one-of-a-kind King/Queen of the Mountain shirt, and possibly a crown.


Congratulations to our Kings and Queens of the Mountain:

  • Jeff Powers (Philly) – 2014
  • Lorraine Young (Raleigh, NC) – 2014
  • Natalie St. John (Mendham, NJ) – 2013
  • David Hryvniak (Charlottesville, VA) – 2013