Official Unofficial Double Marathon

In 2011 three individuals ran America’s Toughest Road Marathon not once, but twice…becoming the first runners to complete a Double Blue Ridge Marathon (see story here). In 2012, 12 runners joined in on the fun, and the numbers continue to grow.

If you’re crazy enough to do it, Kevin Green with has offered to be your Unofficial Guide (again) in 2015.

This is the Official “Unofficial” Double Marathon because you’ll get one official time and one unofficial. The idea is to time the start of your first time through the course (unofficially) so that you’ll finish right around 7am.  You have the option of running with the main group, or going it alone…that’s up to you. However, we recommend running the bulk of the 26.2 miles as a group (have fun with it) – the Double Blue Ridge Marathon isn’t about the “finishing time”, it’s about finishing.

When you’re about a mile from the finish line Kevin will give one of the race organizers a call and we get all the non-crazies to come cheer you on.

You’ll then line up at 7:35am and run your “official” Blue Ridge Marathon…thus completing your double.

Sounds simple enough, right?

If you’re just crazy enough to do this, drop us an email and we’ll put you in touch with Kevin. He’ll bring you up to speed on the timing, logistics, and all that good stuff. Heck, he may even have a discount code for you to use when registering for the “official” BRM.

Special thanks to 2013 BRMx2 runner Avery Collins for putting this video together: