The Full GOAT

The Full GOAT

All Distances Combine to take America’s Toughest Road Races to the Next Level.

Stats: 101 Road Miles Run, 26,280′ of Elevation Change, 4 Medals, Top-Notch Apparel, a Cup o’ Joe, a Donut, a Goat Statue, and Bragging Rights for the Rest of Your Life.

Bold souls: take each of the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon distances and combine them for the ultimate street cred. That’s the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon + the Foot Levelers Half Marathon + the Anthem Star 10K + the Blue Ridge Double + your victory lap at the Blue Ridge Slow-K. You get all the medals that come with each distance, as well as a new goat trophy to display with pride.

Here are the rules:

  1. All distances must be completed on the official Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon courses in Roanoke, VA. Turn-by-turn GPS maps for each distance will be provided to all registered runners.
  2. All distances must be completed like this:
    1. Between April 12 and April 19, complete the following virtual races:
      1. The Anthem Star 10K (2,000′ elevation change)
      2. Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Half Marathon (3,790′ elevation change)
      3. Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Full Marathon (7,430′ elevation change)
    2. On April 20, complete the Blue Ridge Double Marathon, in-person. (14,860′ elevation change)
    3. On April 21, complete America’s Slowest 5k Presented by Altra, in-person. (~0′ elevation change)
  3. You are responsible for your own aid and safety during virtual distances–roads will not be closed. However, we will provide a private Facebook group and email chain in case you’d like to coordinate with other GOATs.
  4. In the event that there is a race-day cancellation, your Double Marathon registration will be transferred to virtual and you will have three days to complete the remainder of your Double Marathon virtually and submit it to RunSignUp. Details will be sent to you if this happens.


Registration will run from now thru Jan 31st; access to registration will be invitation-only by the following:

  • Now thru January 15: The Original GOATs (the first group to run in 2023) will be granted access to registration and guaranteed spots for the 2024 Full GOAT.
  • All others hoping to do the challenge should submit their names and information to the 2024 Full GOAT lottery.
  • On January 15, the lottery will close and entrants will be updated with when and how the remaining spots will be drawn – tentatively on January 16.
  • Once the selected lottery winners are drawn, they will have three days to complete their registration.
  • After the OG registration and initial lottery winners have reached their deadlines, if there are still spaces remaining (for example, chosen lottery winners do not complete registration) subsequent entrants will be drawn and given access to registration. At that point, space in the Full GOAT will be first-come, first-serve and not guaranteed to anyone.
    • For example, if you are an OG and do not register by January 15, you will have access to register until registration is closed – however your spot will no longer be guaranteed.
    • Or, if you are an initial lottery winner and do not register within the first three days of being selected, you will have access to registration until it is closed – however your place will no longer be guaranteed as new entrants have been given access to registration.
    • If you are chosen after the initial lottery, you will gain access to registration, but will not have a guaranteed spot – however if you are able to register, then you are in.
  • Registration will close on January 31 or when all the spots are full.

If you are already registered and will be upgrading to the Full GOAT, email, and we will give you details on how to get credit for your registration.

What you get:

  • 97.9 miles on the Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon Course + 3.1 miles on the Blue Ridge Slow-K Course = 101 road miles
  • 26,280′ total elevation change
  • Three virtual races, complete with finisher medals
  • One in-person race, complete with race tee and finisher medal
  • A discount of $100+ off all race fees
  • A special bib to wear in addition to your race bib on race day to signify to officials and fans that you’re a GOAT
  • Access to the VIP Runners Lounge on race day
  • A cup of coffee and a donut at the Blue Ridge Slow-K Recovery Race
  • A newly designed “Full GOAT” goat award
  • Exclusive “Full GOAT” apparel – to be revealed. You can’t buy this; you earn this.