Virginia’s Blue Ridge welcomes you with some of the finest hospitality you’ll experience anywhere . . . It’s in our nature.

Virginia’s Blue Ridge and Roanoke is located in the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains and encompasses most of Smith Mountain Lake as well as several rivers including the James, New, and Roanoke Rivers. The Blue Ridge Marathon will start and finish in downtown Roanoke. Click here for a detailed map of Roanoke (courtesy of the Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau).

Nothing but blue skies – leftover rain from a dying tropical storm is about as severe as the weather gets in the Roanoke Region. The area is relatively free from hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards. The average temperature in April is 55.6 and 64.0 in May making for ideal running conditions. Current weather conditions.

Not only is Virginia’s Blue Ridge known for its outdoor recreation it is also known for its excellent dining options. More Information

Off the interstate, by the airport, near the Parkway, and close to the start/finish like, there are many hotel choices throughout Roanoke. More Information

When flying in and out of Roanoke you don’t have to worry about missing your plane because of long lines, or figuring out which bus or train will take you from one terminal to the next. More Information

Virginia’s Blue Ridge is a premier spot for outdoor recreation. Visitors and residents have easy access to some of the best cycling, fishing, water sports, and hiking in North America. More Information