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Roanoke-Outside-FoundationThe Blue Ridge Marathon was initially created by the Roanoke Regional Partnership to showcase the region’s commitment to making outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship a core component of the Roanoke Region lifestyle.

As the race has grown, so has the need for it to become its own entity. The Blue Ridge Marathon now operates under Roanoke Outside, a 501c3 charitable organization with a mission to connect people to the outdoors.  To date, the marathon has had over 1.5 million dollars in direct economic impact (read our latest report).

Many answers to your race questions can be found on the FAQ page. Please view this section before contacting us.

Please direct all Blue Ridge Marathon questions to Pete Eshelman – he’ll make sure you get the answers you seek!  Questions regarding the YMCA Kids Marathon should be directed to Karen Wilbourne at (540) 342-9622 (x3133).


Happy Running!

Pete Eshelman
Roanoke Outside
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