2015/2016 Expo Tour Announced - Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon

2015/2016 Expo Tour Announced

Blue Ridge Marathon

2015/2016 Expo Tour Announced

Foot Levelers and the Blue Ridge Marathon are coming to a city near you!


We have selected six races where runners can come and meet the race director or event manager, and pick their brains about “America’s Toughest Road Marathon” face-to-face.  Our bucket list race takes a little courage to register for, and a lot of tenacity to finish, so speaking to our staff in person can help you decide if our unique race is the challenge for you.  Plus we will be offering special deals, handing out sweet runner swag and signing autographs (j/k).  They’ll probably be worth something someday right?

Why Come to An Expo?

Even if you’re not running in that particular race, most race organizer don’t mind if you come check out the booths. It gets more foot traffic for their event and makes sponsors happy! Here are a few other perks you might not know about race expos…

  1. Crazy Discounts: If you register for The Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon, Half Marathon & Anthem 10k onsite at the expo, you will receive a CRAZY GOOD discount for the race distance of your choice. Bring your friends and family, you all save!! Plus we will be giving out 20% discount codes unique to each expo that can be used typically for 10 days after each race.
  2. Free Swag: Every runner who registers onsite will get a top of the line Headsweatz brand Blue Ridge signature hat. We will have a bunch of runner specific swag so that you can train in style for all your 2015-2016 races. Not to mention at some expos we’ve seen runners getting free pre-race K-tape applications, massages, smoothies and more!
  3. Get Scanned: So many injuries from long distance running derive from small issues in your posture, stance, foot arches, etc. These small issues don’t typically become a problem, but when they are repeated for 30-40 miles a week they can lead to long-term injury or pain. Foot Levelers (our friends & official orthotic of the Blue Ridge) are going to be joining us offering FREE foot scans at a few of the expos, so you can learn more about what could be causing your pain, and how to correct it.
  4. Meet Our Staff: Unlike most larger races, when we come to an expo we bring our actual event manager and/or assistant race director. This means that you get the rare opportunity to speak with the people who actually organize the race. They’ve run the course, they will be there for you when you cross the finish line, and they know what it means to be a runner. So come pick their brain at the expo and gain real insight into America’s Toughest Road Marathon.

As always if you have questions, feel free to email us anytime.  We look forward to seeing you along our east cost race expo tour this year.

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