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April 22, 2023

Natural Running, Barefoot Running & Efficient Running

Develop efficient form with lightweight shoes and barefoot drills The natural running movement is quickly becoming a revolution. Are you onboard yet? Thanks to the advancement of lightweight high-performance running shoes plus a best-selling book and recent stories in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Denver Post, Washington Post and National Public Radio, to […]

Vote For Favorite Ad – Win A Free Entry

Help the race organizers settle on an ad. We’ve narrowed it down to our four favorite but we need your help. Share Your Thoughts below – include why and a way to contact you and you’ll be entered to win a free race entry drawn at random on 10/29 – Heck, we may give away […]

Great Video with even Better Tips

This one is for you runners out there (if you don’t run, forward it to your friends and family members who do, they will thank you for it), esp if you are preparing to run a marathon this fall, watch this essential two minute video! First time marathoner or multi time marathoner alike, it will […]

Livestrong & More Than A Ride Contest

On March 14, 2009, I started the blog “More Than a Ride”, Tammy came up with the name and it has been a perfect name. I had no clue when I decided to sign up for a LIVESTRONG Challenge raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and start this blog that my life was going […]

The Blue Ridge Marathon – How to think about it

Much has been said since we launched plans for the inaugural Blue Ridge Marathon earlier this summer, unveiling what has to be one of the most difficult road courses this side of Pike’s Peak. The non-runners roll their eyes. Most daily runners ask if we were crazy. And many say it’s just for elite runners. […]

Runner Dude’s Blog Giving Away Free Entry

Copied directly from the Runner Dude’s Blog Recently I posted on one the most beautiful and challenging of the spring marathons—The Blue Ridge Marathon in Roanoke, Virginia. The breathtaking course begins and ends in downtown Roanoke. In between, runners enter the Blue Ridge Parkway, where they’ll make three significant climbs and descents. Now I have […]

Blue Ridge Mountains puts out Marathon Welcome Mat

Thanks to Dave Watt at the American Running Association for these kind words: Several marathons entice you by claiming their race is the “Fastest qualifier for Boston” or the “Biggest Drop in altitude over 26.2 miles in the U.S.” Several marathons in the U.S. have taken that marketing slogan as a lure to bring in […]

A Few Blogs & Websites to Check Out!

We’d like to thank the following websites and blogs who are helping spread the word of this unique event! Please let us know if we’ve missed anyone. American Running Association Blog American Running Association Ultra Training 1010 Running Asia Daily Mile Blue Ridge Outdoors Running Because I Can Running Ahead Running For My Life Marathon […]

Inaugural Blue Ridge Marathon on the Parkway Announced

The inaugural Blue Ridge Marathon on the parkway will be held on April 24, 2010, beginning and ending in downtown Roanoke, with a tour of the region’s highest peaks in-between. The event is being held in conjunction with the Parkway’s 75th anniversary. Organizers have designated Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway to receive proceeds. Congressman […]