Have Your Marathon Story Told By WDBJ Channel 7 - Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon

Have Your Marathon Story Told By WDBJ Channel 7

Have Your Marathon Story Told By WDBJ Channel 7

1908356_10202390997589432_1622303755_n-280x300As many of you are aware, local CBS Station WDBJ Channel 7 provides live television coverage of the Blue Ridge Marathon. However, you may not know that they also profile interesting human interest stories during the weeks leading up to race day.

Do you know a runner with a unique story to tell? Nominate a fellow runner (or yourself…we’re fine with that too)! They’re not just looking for fast runners, they’re looking for runners with a “story”. So, if you know someone who should be considered send our event manager, Julia Boas, an email.

The runner featured in the profile needs to live relativley “local” (within a 1-2 hour drive), so that camera crews can get video footage about the story within the next couple months.

A few examples of 2014 profiles include a couple tying the knot on race day, dramatic weight loss, battles with addiction, bios on returning champions & challengers, and people running for a charitable cause. Let WDBJ7 tell your marathon story and together we can inspire future generations of runners.

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