Security Concerns Addressed (road closures, bags, etc.) - Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon

Security Concerns Addressed (road closures, bags, etc.)

Security Concerns Addressed (road closures, bags, etc.)

Race Participants, Volunteers, Sponsors, and Spectators:

In light of the events in Boston, the Roanoke Police Department in partnership with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies will be taking additional security precautions at this year’s Blue Ridge Marathon. The security precautions consist of a highly visible law enforcement presence, use of explosives detection K-9s, implementation of crowd screening stations at various locations, as well as a variety of other safety measures. The enhanced security plan was implemented out of caution in order to create the safest environment possible for the public, volunteers and participants of this event.

The goal of your law enforcement community is to provide an enjoyable experience for all race participants, volunteers, sponsors and spectators. However, in order to maximize the safety of the public we need your support. Please review the following security related items:

  • Street Closed Maps – Downtown, South Roanoke and Old Southwest (multiple page document)
  • Street Closures and No Parking Map for Downtown
  • Other no parking areas

Bags, Back Packs. Large Purses and Packages: Bags and packages may be subject to inspection in certain designated locations in and around the event site. It is recommended that you avoid bringing bags or back packs to the event, which are large, have multiple compartments, or are otherwise difficult to access. If a bag is necessary it should be large enough to hold only the essential items you will need for the event. Do not leave any bags or packages unattended. If you locate an unattended bag or package please report it to your nearest law enforcement officer or race volunteer.

Parking: The no parking zone around the event will be setup Friday afternoon. Any vehicles parked in the no parking zone will be subject to tow at the owner’s expense. Park only in designated areas.

Suspicious Activity: If you observe any suspicious activity along the race route please report it immediately to the nearest law enforcement officer or race volunteer.

Items for Runners: It has been a common practice of some runners to pre-position energy drinks, food, and other comfort items along the race course. We ask that you refrain from this practice since a hidden innocuous item can easily be mistaken for a threat.


Chris Perkins
Chief of Police

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